Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 13th March 2020

Happy Friendly Friday! Our favourite day!

Another fun week in the outdoors with a lot of mark making. We started the week by looking for marks around the Forest school and discovered boot prints in the rain, tool marks in the sand and animal prints in the gully (!) I wonder whether you can find some outdoor prints yourself this weekend. We then moved on to making marks by creating our own tool (whittling a stick) and dipped it in mud, shaving foam and paint. We even had a go at mark making with our fruit peelings – banana skin, apple peel – it was funny to see what marks these make! In the afternoon, Mrs Allen has taught us some new “team games” – Stuck in the Mud and Tails. It was funny to see your tails stuck on your waterproofs with masking tape!

Indoors our “schoolies” have begun a new Phonics topic – alliteration. We have been listening and practising how to correctly say our own sound and shown the action to match. Can you show your families this weekend your sound? Can you remember the sounds of your friends? We have also been dice crazy now we have learnt all about the numbers 1-6. We have matched our roll of the dice to numicon, number strings and the trickiest, number cards. For our younger children, you have been working on your Looking skills with Mrs Allen using the stop/go paddle. It was fun to hear you having to stop your nursery rhyme partway through if you were shown the STOP sign! You have also been learning about the word “behind” and enjoyed a game of Hide and Seek in the Forest where you had to find something to hide behind. We have all been singing and role playing Humpty Dumpty and thanks to Noah, have enjoyed our Dough Disco song of Shotgun.

Please do take time this weekend to catch up on all the correspondence from Mrs Moss on the parentapp as these changes will apply to Nursery as well as the rest of the school.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Flynn.