Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Red Class Friday Fanfare Spring 2

Dear Red Class,

We’re feeling a little tired this week. Well, I certainly am! It must have been the fitness circuit at the start of the week when Eden Francis visited. Eden is a shot put and discus thrower who represents Great Britain. It was really interesting to listen to Eden talk about her diet and training. I think we’ve got some aspiring athletes in Red Class now. We were also really lucky because Eden allowed me to film her as she read ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance.’ We’re going to use this story for our next ‘story swap’ at school.

We’ve worked really hard in lessons this week too. We’ve discovered igh (light), oo (moon and book), or (fork) and ar (barn). We’re growing in confidence to read words using our new sounds. Try to find these digraphs (two letters) and trigraph (three letters) in your reading books or at home.

We recap previously taught letter sounds every day at school so, in time, you will learn to ‘see and say’ these sounds straightaway. Please leave ‘Phonics Book 2’ in your book bag as we add letter cards to these books every week. Book 2 was handed out just before Christmas, if you’re missing a book, please pop a note in the book bag and we’ll make a new one. Phonics book 1 can stay at home.

Communication and Language lessons were filled with rich language as we explored key pictures from ‘Katie Morag Delivers the Mail’ and we also started to retell the story with actions. It’s a little trickier than ‘The Enormous Paella’ but we like a challenge! I was very impressed with your story maps!

This week, I've noticed lots of children starting to make marks and write letters during play and explore time. You’ve been making cards, party invites, stories and all sorts of interesting things. You’ve made such a great start to your handwriting sessions. We’ve explored coa and d where we use a ‘round and back’ action. We know that our lower case letters always start from the line.

Maths sessions focused on ordinal numbers. So, we’ve been reading, using and talking about ordinal numbers across the week (1st/2nd/ 3rd etc.). We explored ordinal numbers through races and by using objects. We’ll keep using ordinal numbers during our daily routines such as finding the second person in the line or describing the colour of the 5th cube in your egg box.

Well done for being brave in the mornings now that Mrs Reid is standing by the wooden door. We’ll position Mrs Reid on the balcony next week. Let’s see if you can walk to your classroom like the older children. Mrs Cain will be on standby for any little ones who need a little cuddle.

Sadly, Miss Davis has finished her first placement in Red Class. She will now move to a different school to gain experience in a different year group. However, she will return later in the year to complete a second placement at Blackwell. Thank you Miss Davis for all your help so far this year.

Right my little ones, I’ll see you Monday,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cain xxx