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Red Class Friday Fanfare Spring 4

Hello Red Class,

Today a little girl said to me, "Mrs Webb, I think this has been my favourite day at school" and I think it's been one of my favourite days too! Singing our ‘Skye Boat’ song in assembly, listening to the fantastic ceilidh band and parading our teddies in a fashion show, were just some of the highlights. The teddies even shared our snacks today! You worked hard to make your kilts and even designed and printed your own tartan pattern. I hope your teddies enjoy wearing their kilts at home with you.

This week, we recapped some digraphs including 'ai', 'oi','ur' and 'er' and we played keyword games for 'are' and 'all'. We also started to write some labels and short phrases too.During handwriting sessions, we focused on ‘s’, ‘f’ and 'i'. Next week, we’ll continue with ‘l’ and ‘t’ as we begin these letters the same way as ‘i’.

On Monday, our topic will change to ‘Special Places.’  RE sessions will focus on Sikhism and we will find out about Sikh temples but our idea of a special place will also stretch to special places across the world. So, if you have a special place or building that you would like to talk about, please send in a photo or a picture. We will also change our learning partners.

Enjoy the weekend Red Class. I need a rest after all our ceilidh dancing!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cainxxx