Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Red Class Friday Fanfare Spring 6

Hello Red Class,

This week, we explored ‘Special Places’. We sketched some special buildings from around the world and shared and performed a poem about a special place, ‘At the Seaside,’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. You can find the poem here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/43193/at-the-sea-side

Mrs Reid shared her experience of a Sikh wedding and we role played some of the events. We shared the story of Guru Nanak and thought about how we can be helpful at school and at home. We also discovered another special place called a gurdwara. Video clips and photographs helped us to investigate these special Sikh temples.  

Phonics sessions focused on trigraphs. We recapped igh and then read words with ‘ear’, ‘air’ and ‘ure’. You will find these trigraphs in your phonics books with some example words. Read the words and then draw 1 or 2 pictures.

Your phonics books are now complete. Keep looking back in your books to remind yourself of letter shapes (graphemes) and letter sounds (phonemes). Particularly look at ‘qu’, ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ‘th’ and ‘ng’. After half term, we will send home handwriting books to support home learning. Well done Red Class.

Finding the difference was the focus in Maths. We used stories, role play and a range of equipment to compare two small numbers. The children are definitely growing in confidence to find and work out the difference.

During PE, we discovered new ways to travel including walking like a monkey, bear and caterpillar. We combined travelling movements with rolls and tried hard to move with control. 

Just a reminder, please keep toys safe at home. Please send in any cardboard tubes or small boxes for our junk modelling box. Next week, we will explore collage in Art and we’ll design and make postcards for special places using our collage skills.

Rest, play and enjoy the weekend my little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid and Mrs Cain xxx