Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare 16.10.20


Hello Red Class Families,

Each week, we focus on a particular foundation subject and this week it was Geography (known as ‘Understanding the World’ in Early Years). We focused on Forest School as a special place and used photographs to name key features. We used our knowledge to make a Forest School small world area complete with trees, a fire circle and the ancient log! We finished the week by visiting Forest School. We played ‘Oak, Oak, Ash’ to learn how to move around the fire circle and we collected leaves to make leaf people and animals for our puppet show at school.

We read words with ck, e, u and r and used robot arms to spell words too. Each day, we learn the song, story and action to accompany each sound. We’re working really hard to use pure sounds at school. The children will find reading and spelling easier if they use pure sounds. The following link provides examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTe5_Em0BHQ

It was time for 2D shapes in Maths. We looked for circles, rectangles, squares and triangles in the environment and created shape pictures. This linked nicely to our Write Dance work as we created robots using 2D shapes. The children joined their shapes and tried really hard to retrace lines.

You will find a letter for Christmas/celebration cards in your book bag tonight. The children used their mark making skills to create patterned backgrounds with a robin at the centre. We chose a robin theme as our class story ‘Good Night Owl’ features lots of different birds including a robin. Each child has made their own unique card. We’ll keep them safe at school until we reach December. The letter explains how you can order cards for your family and friends.

Thank you for joining me for parent consultations this week. It was lovely to share the children’s progress.

Best wishes,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Hampton, Mrs Dyson and Mrs Flynn xxx