Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare 13.11.20


Hello Red Class Families,

Thank you for raising money for Children in Need. We talked about Pudsey and why we were raising money and joined Joe Wicks for a quick exercise routine! The children looked great in their colourful clothes. Thank you, Red Class!

At Forest School, we played ‘Beat the Teacher.’ The children found hiding places in the wood before returning to ‘camp’ without the teacher spotting them. Mrs Lewis (Forest School volunteer) didn’t spot a single child! We then listened to a story about the sycamore tree and how it was carved to make a Welsh love spoon. The children also worked with a partner, to ‘meet a tree,’ by guiding each other around the forest to their favourite trees.

This week, we discovered ‘ll’, ‘ss’ and ‘ff’ where two letters make one sound. We use the same actions as ‘l’, ‘s’ and ‘f’. I’ve added a word list to your Phonics books. We’ve now completed all the letters and sounds in Phase 2. We will spend the next few weeks consolidating learning and developing confidence to segment (spell) and blend (read) using these sounds. Home reading books will also focus on phase 2 letters and sounds.

It was all about trees in Write Dance. The children danced like a tree with a trunk, branches, leaves and fruit using straight lines, curved lines, garlands, arcades and numeral 6 for fruit! The children created trees using a range of media including chalk and felt tip pens. Visit our You Tube channel to see ‘The Tree’ dance and drawings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UnheeArBX0

We were very busy finding totals in Maths as we added two numbers together. As well as counting objects and pictures, we also tried hard to think about what we know. For example, if we see 3 and 3 then we know the total will be 6 using our doubling knowledge. We’ve also started using objects to make bar models to help with simple word problems. So, if I bought 3 chocolate cupcakes and Mrs Hampton bought 2 strawberry cupcakes, we would have a total of 5 cakes. See Parent App for an example bar model. 

In our mental starters, we played counting tennis and you can play this game at home. Use your hand as a tennis racket, serve an imaginary ball to your grown up and say ‘0’. Your grown up will say ‘1’ and you keep counting! Remember to count back as well.

Finally, as a class, we needed a few reminders to help listening and concentration this week. So, get plenty of rest this weekend and you’ll be ready for another good week of learning. 1.40pm collection is also an option. Just let Mrs Moss know on the gate.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Hampton, Miss Barber, Mrs Dyson and Mrs Flynn xxx