Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Red Class Fanfare 19.03.21


I’m really proud of you, Red Class. I know many of you were under the weather this week. However, you still tried hard to listen and learn. Dr Webb suggests lots of rest, play and cuddles over the weekend.

We revisited ‘oo’ (moon), ‘oo’ (look), ‘ar’ (farm) and ‘or’ (cork) and introduced a new keyword ‘all’. Every lesson, we read words, phrases and sentences with our target sounds and keywords. You will find a new phonics book in your book bag.

Handwriting sessions focused on ‘p’, ‘j’ and ‘s’. You can practise your letter formation at home using the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ad5hDpIkmM We start every day with a fine motor or handwriting activity. We draw Write Dance pictures, practise name writing and letter formation. All before 8.45am! We write throughout the day during Phonics, handwriting sessions, focus groups and during play and explore time. Try to write at home too. Maybe you could write a shopping list for your family or you could write cards for your friends.

In Maths, we used songs and storytelling to find out about subtraction. We used the word ‘difference’ to name the answer in a subtraction. For example, Redmond Bear had 8 biscuits in his biscuit tin. He munched one biscuit and the difference was 7. Sometimes, in subtraction, we reduce the number by removing objects and sometimes we compare objects to find the difference. We can also use the part-whole model. However, we’ll learn about that another day.

During our History lessons, we found out about a little girl called Awena. You asked some wonderful questions about her life as a Native American. Throughout the week, you discovered a lot of things about Awena including where she lived and the toys she liked to play with. Well done for being good historians by looking carefully at artefacts, asking questions and thinking about the past.

Every day, we dance to Mrs Hampton’s wake and shake with a little bit of help from our wake and shake leaders. We enjoy a movement break in the afternoon too and this week we joined Jack Hartmann for his ‘Animal Dance and Freeze’. Click the link if you want to dance at home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpOe8lngp_o

Rest, play and enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Webb and Team Red Class xxx