Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Purple Class

Happy Holidays Purple Class

Well team Purple, that’s a wrap!

We have had an amazing year with so many wonderful learning opportunities and memories to cherish. From creating our very own business to going to Kenilworth castle! We were amazed by how you shone during your dance festival and the lovely manners you have shown to other adults that have created unique, learning experiences like art with Mr Riley and lots of new skills with the cricket coach.

You have all matured so much this year and I am very proud to have been a part of your journey, which I know you will all continue with enthusiasm and passion! I want to thank you all for being kind, caring and considerate members of Purple Class. You should all be very proud of what you have achieved this year.

Thank you all for your kind end of term cards, words and gifts. They are all very much appreciated by all of us.

Now, go and have a wonderful, fun-filled and relaxed summer break! We look forward to seeing and hearing about your great work in September.

Love from Miss Chamberlain and Miss Kuriger, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Morgan :)

Happy Easter Purple Class

Happy Easter Purple Class and Wake ‘n’ Shake Champions!

Well done for an excellent term in Year 2. You have all worked very hard and are rising to the challenge of Year 2 learning. Learning about ‘Long Ago’ and ‘Easter’ has been really enjoyable. It was great to travel back in time and become historic scholars and to think deeply about the meaning of Easter.

We have been very proud of all your achievements this half term, with a wonderful performance singing on the steps and fantastic achievements in our writing competition. Not to mention being the new Wake ‘n’ Shake Champions. A very well done to all! You are definitely showing confidence and independence in your learning.

Have a lovely Easter break with lots of rest and play. When we return to school, our new topic is ‘Globe Trotters’ where we will be comparing our lives with the lives of people from a different country, developing your Geography and RE skills further. Plus, we have an exciting trip to Worcester Cathedral! It will certainly be a full half term of wonderful learning.

We look forward to welcoming you back for the Summer term.

Love from Miss Chamberlain, Miss Kuriger, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Morgan x